This artist’s sculptures will make you want to recycle your avocado pits too

While most people put their avocado pits in the trash, Ireland-based artist Jan Campbell has someplace else in mind for the stones: an art gallery.

You see, Campbell turns avocado stones into adorable, little sculptures. She painstakingly carves at the unconventional material to make beautiful totems and pendants.

It all started in 2014 when Campbell was making avo toast for lunch. About to throw the stone in the bin, she suddenly felt reluctant to do so.

“I thought that it was too nice an object to throw away. I decided to hold onto the stone so I could take my time thinking about what to do with it,” said Campbell.

Carrying the stone in her raincoat pocket for the next few days, she accidentally scratched its surface, revealing a gorgeous orange pigment. “It occurred to me then to try carving it,” she added.

Using some lino-cutting tools, Campbell was able to carve a face, which once dried, looked like a wooden statue. With continuous practice, she was able to make more and more intricate works using the organic canvas.

If you want an avocado pit statue or pendant, head on over to Campbell’s Etsy store to know more.

Via Bored Panda

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