These weird sticker-like soles protect your feet when walking barefoot

If you’ve ever been in sticky situations wishing you wore shoes or flip-flops, or to a trip that turned too casual for actual footwear, this may be the product for you.

Like most bright ideas looking for a push, this one got itself a Kickstarter campaign to get the ball rolling. Founded by Italian innovators Sabato Alterio and Michele di Lauro, NakeFit is a design for stick-on “hypoallergenic adhesive pads for walking freely wherever you want.”

They’re advertised to be elastic, waterproof, and anti-slipping/cutting – and being marketed for pool, spa, and beach use, as well as several urban settings.

A pack for either men/women/children will have 10 pairs, and comes in black, pink, and light blue.

It basically looks like a beta version of Vibram FiveFingers, without the constricting feeling and much less protection. While the intentions are good (we love products that get people to go out), our big gripe with it is that it’s single-use. Can you imagine the waste produced by this product alone?

And while it doesn’t seem durable enough for hiking and other ‘rough’ outdoor activities, it’s interesting to see how the running community utilises it (as discussed in the link below).

The product has already earned over 12 times its Kickstarter target, so quite a few people are certainly looking forward to it.

What do you guys think? NakeFit or pass?

Via Running Magazine