The Most Common Learning Disabilities

Hard work pays off, but in some cases, it doesn’t. Some students face the additional challenges in the schools owing to the learning disabilities. The children suffering from learning disabilities are smart enough like every other kid, but the wiring in their brain is somewhat different. The learning disability corresponds to a disorder that affects the ability to process and retain the information negatively.

Dyslexia, for instance, is the learning disorder that affects the ability to read and comprehend the text. According to data, five to seventeen percent of the population of US is suffering from dyslexia. Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability. The disorder causing difficulty in the writing part is called Dysgraphia. One can search for symptoms like uncomfortable posture while writing or inability to hold the pencil correctly. This disability makes student unable to bring down their thoughts on paper. The struggle for such kids is real.

From the piled up office files to the cornered grocery store, mathematics is used everywhere. But some students have trouble performing even the necessary math calculations ranging from time and distance to ordering the numbers correctly. Such disability is termed as Dyscalculia. Also, some people face problems in the coordination between the brain and the limbs. Termed as Dyspraxia, this disability causes problems even in basic tasks like chopping, running, holding, etc. One must analyze the symptoms accurately to know about the brain health and learning disability.

Dysphasia or aphasia is a cause of concern as it causes issues with understanding and reproducing language. The problems related to verbal expression, fluency of speech, narration, etc. arise in this kind of disability. On the other hand, auditory or visual processing disorders are also there that correspond to difficulty hearing differences between the sounds and interpreting visual information respectively.

The list of disorders doesn’t end up here. But the sigh of relief is the fact that things can be made conducive for the students facing learning disabilities. The mantra is to analyze the type of disability. Head over to HealthIQ to learn more around learning disabilities and healthy ways to improve your mind.