Police chase man for 45 minutes but may have gone too far when they caught him

Robert Ellis, a suspected purse thief, led the police on a dramatic chase which ran through two states and three counties and lasted for about 45 minutes.

Talk about making a scene!

Ellis’s dramatic attempt to escape the law took the officers from Louisville, Kentucky through Floyd and Clark County in Indiana before the car chase finally ended in a cornfield.

As you can see, the chase’s finale has been found to be quite controversial.

Once Ellis was removed from his vehicle, officers swarmed around the man to restrain him. However, the video shows a Louisville Metro Police Department officer and an Indiana State Police trooper, repeatedly hitting Ellis.

Now, Louisville police are questioning whether or not the officers’ aggressively conclusive actions were done rightfully so.

In an attempt to find out, Louisville police are conducting an investigation to see if the proper procedures and protocols were followed.

Although, it should be noted that at least the police got the right guy. After the chase ended and the suspect’s truck was searched, police said they found at least a dozen purses in Ellis’s vehicle.