In Paris, you can find the most stylish basketball court in the world

French fashion brand Pigalle, in collaboration with Nike and photography agency Ill Studio, has designed the most unusual basketball court in Paris. The project is something so trippy it could perfectly fit in a Tame Impala lyric.

The idea aims to fuse sports, urban design, and art. Nestled between two apartment buildings, the court has been used as an open canvas for experimentation since 2009, when the three companies united to paint it for the first time.

The narrow basketball court is located on Rue Duperré in the 9th arrondissement of Paris and is well known in the city for its bright colour schemes and attractive design.

The company has always been overtly enthusiastic about basketball. Stephane Ashpool, founder and designer of the Pigalle brand has been an avid practitioner of the sport since he was a child, and has been training kids and playing on this court for several years now.

Their main store is located just in front of the court on Rue Henry Monnier and they even launched a line called ‘Pigalle Basketball’ back in 2014. The brand also did a line of Basketball sneakers for Nike three years ago.

The court has been decorated previously with primary colours. This time around, it contains hues of burnt orange, fuschia, canary yellow, and dark blue – an aesthetic influenced by suprematist painter Kasimir Malevich’s 1930 piece, Sportsmen.